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Democracy is not for Sale

 On April 2, 2014 the Supreme Court dealt another devestating blow to our right to fair elections.  A 5-4 decision in McCutcheon v. FEC threw out long-standing limits on how much one person can donate overall to parties and candidates in a single election cycle.  There was Citizens United, and now comes this.  The solution?  An amendment to the Constitution saying once and for all that money is not speech and corporations are not people.     

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Number Date Name Why do you think we need an ...
423 5 years ago James Raynor
422 5 years ago Anonymous
421 5 years ago Mary Ni Our government is supposed to be "of the people, by the people and for the people". "People" meaning ALL people not just greedy, short-sighted rich people.
420 5 years ago Deb Stringham
419 5 years ago Laurel Facey This will help ensure our nation remains a democracy.
418 5 years ago Sue Knight The Preamble to the Constitution begins We The People. The words that follow do not include or imply that corporations have rights nor are they provided for in The Bill of Rights. Rights are given t...
417 5 years ago Jonathan Grossman
416 5 years ago Maureen Poole
415 5 years ago Joanna Cutting-Brady
414 5 years ago myra lerman
413 5 years ago Connie Morton-Ewbank
412 5 years ago Katherine Batsis
411 5 years ago robert freeley
410 5 years ago Kay O'Laughlin The erosion of voting rights as elections are controlled by the super wealthy equals the erosion of democracy.
409 5 years ago Anonymous
408 5 years ago Francoise Frey
407 5 years ago Nicole Robinson
406 5 years ago Deborah Barolsky
405 5 years ago Bert Leysath Because the 1st amendment is the excuse for unlimited campaign contributions and any law from Congress to restrict them would be deemed unconstitutional by this SCOTUS.
404 5 years ago Anonymous We must prevent the very rich from kidnapping our democracy.
403 5 years ago virginia jastromb
402 5 years ago Katherine Wolfe
401 5 years ago Christopher Pinzone We have reached a tipping point where those with money have access to their government officials and those without are made to bear the burden of tax cuts, budget cuts and inaction on putting people...
400 5 years ago Christine Lenzi
399 5 years ago Nancy Gates Our Rights are being taken away a piece at a time.
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