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Call to Action: Advance comprehensive election reform in 2014

A 6-member conference committee* is deciding right now what will be included in the final election reform bill of 2014 (reconciling the more modest House bill and larger Senate bill).

Your legislators need to hear from you that you want a truly comprehensive bill with reforms like Election Day registration, pre-registration for teens, online voter registration, early voting, permanent voter regsitration, post-election audits, and more.

This is our chance, right now.

Email you legislators today asking them to urge the confernce committee to advance a comprehensive bill that will bring Massachusetts election laws into the 21st century.

 *Senator Finegold, Senator DiDomenico, Senator Hedlund, Representative J. Murphy, Representative M. Moran, and Representative Dooley are the six conferees.  

House Bill H3788 and  Senate Bill S1981.