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Register at 16. Vote at 18.

 Pre-registration for 16 and 17 year-olds means teens will be ready to vote the day they turn 18.

Before each big election, there's a last-minute scramble to register new 18 year-olds to vote.  If you miss the deadline 20 days before Election Day, you can't vote.  In other states, pre-registration lets 16 and 17 year-olds fill out the form to register, so they are ready to vote -- and to become engaged young adults -- the day they turn 18.  

Today, when teens get their licenses at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, they are usually too young to register.  If they fill out the form any way (and many do) they then receive a rejection letter, asking them to come back in a year or so.  It's a bad experience -- and a waste of time and money for administrators.

Pre-registration strengthens high school voter registration drives. In other states, pre-registration has been offerred by teachers as part of high school Civics, Social Studies, and History. 

Legislators need to know it's time for them to voice their support. 

Will you send your elected officials a message?